Adult Syringe

Size: 10 pack


Nasaline is widely recognized as an excellent device used to treat nasal symptoms associated with allergies, the flu, or as prevention against sinus-related infections. Nasaline, with its patented silicone tip, produces a gentle stream that soothes dry nasal passages and gently washes away excess mucous, crusty secretions, pollen, and irritants - naturally. Nasaline is a drug-free alternative for people looking for relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments.  Each latex-free system includes a nasal rinser, storage case, 10 or 50 premixed packets of saline solution, a recyclable mixing cup, and instructions. Medical research recommends following the cleaning protocol fully described in the product's instructions and replacing the device after three months.

Used For: 

  • Nasal allergies, dryness and hay fever 
  • Sinus pressure and nasal stuffiness 
  • Nasal symptoms from flu and cold 
  • Nasal irritation from occupational and house dust, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke, etc. 
  • Post-nasal drip and nasal congestion 
  • After sinus surgery 

Other Ingredients:

Saline Packet Ingredients: Sodium chloride (USP 2400 mg), sodium bicarbonate (USP 400 mg). 

The Nasaline product is free of harmful plastic components and latex.

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