Berry Pro E2 Bonus

Size: 250g


Naka Pro E2 Electrolytes & Energy Sports Drink Naka Pro E2 helps in energy metabolism and tissue formation, helps to form red blood cells, helps to maintain proper muscle function, including the heart muscle, helps to maintain normal electrolyte balance. Used in Herbal Medicine to help enhance physical capacity / performance (in cases of physical stress). Electrolytes are nutrients that are important for various functions in the body from muscle contraction and relaxation to maintaining water balance inside and outside of cells. They are also vital for regulating heart rhythm. [POWDER]

Each Scoop (8.2g) Contains: Active Ingredients: Peptan Hydrolyzed Collagen (BSE Free Biovine Source 7500mg Halal Certified) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 400mg Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Natural Mix Berry Flavour, Stevia Rebaundiana Leaf

Suggested Use
Adults: 1 heaping scoop 1 time per day. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products. Dissolve 1 heaping scoop in 500ml of water.

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