Glo Sensitive Bladder Liners

Size: 16pcs


These 180mm length bamboo liners from GLO are a natural and discreet solution to a sensitive bladder and have a unique bamboo charcoal core to neutralise any odours. Made from absorbent organic bamboo, these biodegradable liners provide extra support for sensitive bladders and light incontinence so you can laugh, sneeze and leap with confidence.

Offering light protection, the eco-friendly plastic free liners are silky soft and ultra-thin making them comfortable to wear all day, and are individually wrapped in a plant cellulose wrapper which will biodegrade as well as the liner.

Free from plastic, chlorine, bleach, latex, dioxins, pesticide residues, GMOs, synthetic fibres, artificial dyes and fragrances. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Certified cruelty free by PETA.

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