Organic Sprouted Hulless Oats

Size: 400 g


Our sprouted hulless oats are whole grain and contain all of the important nutrients found in the germ and bran, like protein and fibre. They are the perfect way to add whole grains to a variety of sweet or savoury recipes.

Sprouted hulless oats have a wonderful hearty, chewy texture and sweet, nutty flavour. They are high in protein and fibre, and full of sprouted whole grain goodness!

Oats normally grow with an inedible hull that must be removed, but hulless oats are a special variety that naturally grow without a hull. This allows us to sprout the whole oat groats, keeping all the fibre and protein intact. Sprouting hulless oats decreases cook time (by more than half!), aids in digestibility and enhances their sweet flavour. Like other grains, you cook sprouted oats by simply boiling in water.

Oats are extremely popular rolled, steel cut and milled, but did you know that they are also wonderful in their whole form? They make delicious salads, soups, pilafs, grain bowls and hearty hot cereal. For those who don’t enjoy the texture of porridge, give whole sprouted oats a try! You can add all the same spices and toppings as traditional porridge (fruit, nuts, cinnamon, nut butter etc.) for a chewy, satisfying, nutritious breakfast. They are also a wonderful substitute for rice if you’re looking for variety in taste and texture. Swap sprouted oats 1:1 for unsprouted oat groats.



Organic Sprouted Hulless Oats

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