Organic Hawaiian Noni Juice

Size: 500 mL
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The use of the noni plant has been popular throughout the islands of the South Pacific for over 2000 years. Regarded as a superfruit, noni contains polysaccharides, plant sterols, anthraquinones and alkaloids as well as potassium and vitamin C. Flora brings you authentic Noni Juice of only the highest quality exclusively from Hawaii. We use only fully ripened Grade A fruit and carefully prepare the juice in small batches to ensure quality and purity. Benefits ?Gives your daily nutrition an added boost Features ?100% pure organic noni juice ?Each serving provides 16% of the Daily Value of vitamin C ?Undiluted with water or fruit juice like many other noni brands ?Fermented Hawaiian Noni Juice is also available ?Pressed and bottled in a GMP-approved facility ?Packaged in environmentally friendly amber glass bottles .

Each teaspoon (5 ml) contains: Angelica root 1:72 69.5 mg Zedoary root 1:87 57.5 mg Aloe leaf 1:100 50 mg Manna sap 1:100 50 mg Rhubarb root 1:100 50 mg Senna root 1:100 50 mg Myrrh resin 1:174 28.8 mg Carline thistle root 1:200 25 mg Camphor wood 1:200 25 mg Valerian root 1:666 7.5 mg Cinnamon bark 1:666 7.5 mg Cardamom seed 1:1333 3.75 mg Saffron flower 1:5000 1.0 mg Non-medicinal Ingredients: Grain alcohol 39.4%.

Suggested Use
Shake bottle well before use. Mix 5 to 15 ml (1 tsp to 1 tbsp) of noni juice with a glass of water or fruit juice. Consume preferably on an empty stomach, one to three times daily. KEEP REFRIGERATED AFTER OPENING and consume within 4-6 weeks.

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