Organic Vanilla Yogurt

Size: 750 g


Choosing nature with Liberté Organic. Liberté was a pioneer in the processing of organic dairy products in Canada. All of our products are made with care and use only ingredients that belong in a yogurt: milk and fruit. It was only natural that we would stay true to our mission by purchasing local organic milk. This line offers organic products made with milk and fruit that are certified free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, according to the rigorous standards of Québec Vrai. They contain live probiotic bacteria and is made without gelatine, sugar substitutes and preservatives.

Ingredients: partly skimmed organic milk, organic vanilla flavoured preparation (organic sugar, water, pectin, natural flavour, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic vanilla bean seeds), milk protein, bacterial cultures.

Suggested Use
Enjoy this yogurt at any time of day, whether as part of a balanced breakfast, lunch, in between snack, or a healthy after dinner dessert. Keep refrigerated.

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